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Indian Astrology versus Western Astrology ( Hindi)

web site – email – [removed]1068


Memorize all 12 Sun Signs in Western Astrology

Aries 0:42 Taurus 1:02 Gemini 1:23 Cancer 1:45 Leo 2:04 Virgo 2:20 Libra 2:38 Scorpio 2:57 Sagittarius 3:14 Capricorn 3:33 Aquarius 3:54 Pisces 4:10 …309


Why I use the WHOLE SIGN system || Western Astrology


Vedic Astrology vs. Western Astrology, which is better?

Astrological Classes and MP3 Downloads [removed] Facebook Asheville Vedic Astrology …1223


Astrology Courses : Worldwide Vedic and Western Astrology for Healing and Empowerment

Enroll on one of the inspired, caring and expert Worldwide Astrology Courses of Michael Conneely. Learn the ancient wisdom of Vedic Astrology. But learn this …313


Astrology Basics: Difference between EASTERN (VEDIC) and WESTERN astrology

This video talks about the relationship between the Western and Eastern astrology systems.210


How to Astrology | Houses of Western Astrology [removed] 3′s.224


Uranus in the 2nd House || Western Astrology

My interpretation of Uranus in the 2nd house of the natal chart, or transit, or whatever. Hope you enjoy :) Instagram – its_liv_e Tumblr …654


Uranus in the Third House || Western Astrology for more of my content :)575


Indian v/s Western Astrology By Munisha Khatwani

Here Munisha expertly shares her knowledge and allows you to understand the difference between the ways predictions are arrived at in Indian Astrology …214